Accessing your Detailed Coded Record and Full Medical Record

Using SystmOnline you are able to view your detailed coded or full medical record. To do this additional application must be completed.

Detailed Coded Record

This access option only shows coded entries and not any free text or letter content, however the main information within your record eg test results, medications, vaccinations, diagnoses etc. are all entered using codes and therefore you would be able to see all this information. Requesting detailed coded access will give you access to all the coded entries made from the beginning of your record. An application form to request detailed coded access can be printed from the link below or requested from reception.

Application form for detailed coded medical record

Full Medical Record

This access will provide you with more detailed information; however access to that is only provided from the date that the request is granted and you won’t therefore see any information from earlier.

Non-urgent advice: SystmOnline User Guides